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Love your birth - Hypnobirth.

Research has shown that fear and tension have a direct influence on the ease of birth and the pain experienced.  We start to work together during your pregnancy to reduce fear and build confidence in your body.  When the time comes, our breathing, visualisation and relaxing massage techniques help you to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere during the birth of your baby.  This will create a comfortable labour and birth with as little pain as possible (or none at all!).

More specifically, the course will help you understand…

– How the mind and body work together, and how fear and tension can influence pain.

– The mechanics of how your body is designed to give birth. Understanding this process is a key factor    in helping you build confidence in yourself.

– Massage, breathing and visualisation techniques. Practical relaxation exercises which you and your    partner can practise at home.

– How your birth partner can help you to remain relaxed throughout your labour and birth.

– How essential oils can help through your pregnancy, labour and after childbirth.

Whether you’re hoping for a totally natural, drug-free birth, or you’d just like some skills to help you cope with the early stages of labour, our modern, common sense approach is for you


Any time from 12 weeks. You can take the course much closer to your due date, but we advise fitting in as much practise as possible.


Yes birth partners are welcome to attend the hypno sessions or you can attend on your own, the option is entirely up to you. The birthing partner will need to attend one of the hypno sessions to equip them with all the tools they need to be able to support you in pregnancy and birth.


£330 The cost includes:-

6 private hypnobirth sessions,

5 Hypnosis cds,

Positive affirmation cards

on going support

A discounted rate if you sign up to our full package with massages and products.

Full package price. £550 (worth £650)

The cost includes:-

Hypnobirth package (as stated above),

6 body massages (full body massage, either Swedish pregnancy massage or aromatherapy pregnancy massage)

Handmade aromatherapy pregnancy products, 4 of your choice and a aromatherapy labour kit.

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